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It is our principle to have the authors focus on the content while we take care of the typesetting needs of the manuscrtips.


Unsolicited manuscripts are welcome and may be submitted by readers or other interested parties. Neonatology Today welcomes the submission of all academic manuscripts including including original observational research, clinical trials, case report/series, guidelines/policy statement, best practice analysis, quality improvement, and other important works. All content is subject to peer review.

Dedicated columns may be solicited by members of the Editorial Board.


There are three ways to submit your manuscript. You may email all materials to, or upload your materials in a ZIP file on the Neonatology Today website. However, we prefer that you use our new Online Manuscript Submission Portal, where the authors will focus on the manuscript content and not the format. All three options are available to you by clicking the “SUBMIT MANUSCRIPT” button located on the top of the website.


In general, an accepted manuscript will be published within 3 months. There is no charge for submission, publication (regardless of number of figures & tables, use of color, or length. Published content will be openly accessible to readers in PDF and html formats. There is absolutely no charge when you publish your manuscript with Neonatology Today.

Only manuscripts that have not been published previously will be considered for publication except under special circumstances. Prior publication must be disclosed on submission. Published articles become the property of Neonatology Today and may not be published, copied or reproduced elsewhere without permission from Neonatology Today.

Neonatology Today recommends reading from Recommendations for the Conduct, Reporting, Editing, and Publication of Scholarly Work in Medical Journals from ICMJE prior to submission if there is any question regarding the appropriateness of a manuscript.

Neonatology Today follows Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing (a joint statement by COPE, DOAJ, WAME, and OASPA).

Thank you for your interest in publishing with Neonatology Today!

Article types and specific instructions

Unsolicited manuscript type

  1. Original Research - non-clinical trial
  2. Original Research - clinical trial
    • Must provide a clinical trial registration number
  3. Narrative Review
  4. Meta-Analysis & Systematic Review
  5. New Guidelines
  6. Policy Statement
  7. Quality Improvement
  8. Best Practice Analysis
  9. Case Report / Case Series
    • Please consult the Editor-in-Chief prior to submission
  10. Perspective
  11. Letters to the Editor
  12. Erratum

Editor-solicited manuscript type / Dedicated columns

Unsolicited contributions to the following columns are also welcome

  1. Genetics Corner
  2. Fellow column
    • Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine fellows, Pediatric resident, Family medicine resident involved in caring for neonates are encouraged to submit
  3. Respiratory Therapist Column
    • This column is dedicated to Rob Graham RRT NRCP at Sunnybrook Health Science Centre in Toronto, Canada
  4. National Perinatal Association Column
  5. Alliance for Patient Access Column
  6. Health Equity Column
  7. National Perinatal Information Center Column
  8. First Candle Column
  9. Educational Series
    • Unsolicited submissions are also welcome
  10. Medical Legal Forum
  11. Announcement
    • Short announcement will be place on the website banner
  12. Editor's Report
  13. Commentary
    • Accepted commentary will be published in the New & Views section
  14. Clinical Pearl
    • Unsolicited submissions are also welcome
Title page should contain a concise title of the manuscript, full names of all authors, their professional degrees, and their institutional affiliations paired by numbers in parenthesis.

The corresponding author should be identified. Academic title and affiliated institution as well as contact information including mailing address, phone number, and email address should be provided.
Abstract should be provided for all unsolicited manuscript types expect for Perspective, Letters to the Editor, or Erratum.

Abstract may be structured or unstructured. Abstract should not exceed 500 words.
The main text of the article should be written in formal style using correct English. The length may be up to 5,000 words. Abbreviations which are commonplace in Neonatology may be used.

Depending on the manuscript type, the authors may determine the number of sections for the main text up to a total number of 10 sections.
Up to a total of 10 Figures/Tables may be submitted along with the main text to enhance readers’ comprehension of the manuscript. Even in the absence of specific text-supplementing figures, authors are strongly encouraged to still submit a Figure which may represent visual summarization of the manuscript.

If submitting manuscript via E-Mail or ZIP file upload on the website, separate figure and table files must be provided. Numbered figure legends should be included in the main text after References. High-resolution figure files are highly encouraged, preferably in PDF/SVG format (for vectorized figures) or in PDF/TIFF format (for pixelated images).

If submitting manuscript through the Online Manuscript Submission Portal, please follow the order of:
  1. choosing Figure/Table number, provide legend for each Figure/Table; followed by,
  2. providing Figure Table legend/title; followed by,
  3. uploading Figure/Table in PDF format
Figures/Tables will be automatically typesetted when you preview the manuscript prior to submission.
Additional article info including acknowledgement, conflict of interest statement, financial support statement, and author contribution must be provided at the end of the manuscript.
Neonatology Today follows the standard Journal of American Medical Association format for references.

The authors are encouraged to focus on providing adequate amount of information for each respective reference, ideally with a PubMed ID. The production team will assist with typesetting.
Loma Linda Publishing Company supports the Academic True Open Model (ATOM)

  1. Free subscriptions (electronic or paper) to all
  2. Peer review of all submitted manuscripts
  3. Timely review of manuscripts
  4. Timely response to letters to the editor
  5. Listing and correction of erratum
  6. Appropriate disclosure of any related conflicts of interest in published manuscripts
  7. No charge for submission of manuscripts
  8. No charge for review of manuscripts
  9. No charge for processing of artwork, color, layout, or length of manuscript
  10. No charge for publication of manuscript in electronic or digital form
  11. A commitment to the ethical treatment of humans and animals in research
  12. Documentation of informed consent where indicated
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