The HTML generator is based on R Markdown and HTML.
Useful links: Basic R Markdown SyntaxMath expressionsMarkdown Table Generator

Archive in HTML Report Generator
  • This is the archive of all the articles that have already been converted into HTML format
  • To edit a previous article, find it and click on it and it will automatically update in the tabs above (i.e. title page, abstract, main text etc.)

Instructions: no word limit, just copy and paste the title from the Word document/PDF provided
Instructions: the first part of the https link should automatically be inserted and you just need to add the DOI number:
  • First part of the link:
  • DOI: year, month, volume, issue, first page, last page
    1. Example: article published 2021, volume 1 issue 16 pages 3-8 would look like:

Instructions: this author box is for html metadata use, not for display:
  • Add the author by 'first name' followed by 'a space' then 'last name' – no comma in between to separate
  • No credentials for authors
  • If there are multiple authors, then use a comma between names to help separate; e.g., Fu-Sheng Chou, Japmeet Sandhu

Instructions: copy from the Word document/pdf, this shows up in the HTML that viewers see
  • Include credentials at the end of the authors, if available, but do not separate by comma or add periods; e.g. Fu-Sheng Chou MD PhD rather than Fu-Sheng Chou, M.D. Ph.D.
  • Make sure the authors are in one line, with two space at the end and the affiliations are on separate lines, with a space in between author line and the beginning of affiliations
  • If there are multiple authors, each with their own affiliation, or multiple authors with same affiliation, use a superscript to differentiate:
    • To add a superscript, you need to use surrounding carets (^1^).
    • For example:
    • Japmeet Sandhu^1^, Fu-Sheng Chou MD PhD^2^

    • 1\. Western University of Health Sciences
    • 2\. Loma Linda University

    • Result:
      Japmeet Sandhu 1 , Fu-Sheng Chou MD PhD 2

      1. Western University of Health Sciences
      2. Loma Linda University

Instructions: The author’s name + credentials, and all of the contact information below will each be on separate lines, but no extra space is needed between the text, as in the box above.
To do this, hit the spacebar twice at the end of the last word in the line before clicking enter and typing in the line below.
Each number below indicates the order of information needed in each line. If any of the following information is not available, skip and go to the line below.
  1. AUthor's and credentials (the formatting rule is the same as above
  2. Detailed affiliation
  3. Mailing address, make sure to add country name in the end
  4. Phone: phone number in +(country code)-(area code)-(phone number); e.g. Phone: +1-909-558-7448
  5. Fax: fax number in the same format as above
  6. E-Mail: email address

  • Some columns do not provide an abstract, in this instance just type 'No abstract'
  • Otherwise, copy and paste the abstract from the PDF or the Word document
  • As usual, add two spaces at the end of each paragraph and skip a line (press enter twice) to move onto the next paragraph
  • If the abstract includes subheadings, make sure to bold the subheadings:
    • To do this, we add twp '**' before and after the subheading.
    • Example: **Method** or **Background**
  • If the authors provided keywords, include them in the the abstract box in one line , and again each individually in the corresponding spaces at the bottom.
  • For example (in the abstract box): **Keywords**: Extremely prematurity, necrotizing enterocolitis.

Commonly used scripts:
  1. <div style="font-size:20px;margin-top:1em;margin-bottom:1em;color:navy;"></div>
  2. (<a href="#items">Figure</a>)
  3. (<a href="#ref"></a>)
  4. target="_blank"

  • Here you have the opportunity to separate the article into different sections. Remember, once you have set the number of sections, do not change it or all of the content will be gone. You can use codes (explained below) to add an extra section if needed.
    1. The first script at top <div style="font-size:20px;margin-top:1em;margin-bottom:1em;color:navy;"></div> is what we use to add sections. You can add the title of the section between '>' and '<'.
    2. For example, <div style="font-size:20px;margin-top:1em;margin-bottom:1em;color:navy;"> New Title </div>
    3. Many common section titles are already saved in the section drop-down menu for your convenience.
  • If a section has a subtitle, press enter twice and use the following code:
    1. <br> then press enter to go to the line below
    2. **Subtitle**
    3. The above codes will bold and place the subtitle below the section title
  • Now just copy and paste the article into its corresponding sections, making sure to double space at the end of each paragraph and press enter twice to move onto the next paragraph.
  • The second script at top (<a href="#items">Figure</a) is for creating a link for a figure or table
    1. For example: This is seen in (<a href="#items">Figure 1</a>)
  • The third script at top target="_blank" is used if there are links to other websites in the article. This code allows for another tab to open when the link is clicked instead of leaving the article on the current tab.
      Example: if we want to add a link following the text The Allian for Black NICU Families, use the following script:
      The Alliance for Black NICU Families [<a href="" target="_blank">Link</a>]
      The result will look like: The Allian for Black NICU Families [ Link ]
  • Be sure to hit SUBMIT on right upper corrner so that it saves

Uploaded Media


  • File type : for a figure, cut and copy it straight from the PDF and turn the image into a new file using the PNG format
  • Order number : give the figure a number (i.e., Figure 1, Figure 2, etc.
  • Legend : go to the PDF or the Wrd document to find the legend and copy and paste it between '>' and '<' in the legend box
    1. Make sure to double space at the end
    2. If there is no legend, leave this box as is
  • Upload files here : browse and upload the PNG figure file
    1. This is the step to record the legend and the uploaded figure

  • File type : if the table on the PDF is appropriate, just crop it and save as a PNG and follow the figure instructions above, but give it a table order number
  • Alternatively, use the Markdown Table Generator to create Markdown table, paste it along with the table title in the legend box
    1. Remember to hit two spaces at the end
    2. To record the table, upload a blank PNG file

Instructions: if none, put down None. Always double space at the end.
Instructions: the 'no conflict of interest' statement is automatically inserted into the box. If there is a conflict of interest, update the text.
No COI text: The author declared no conflict of interest related to work presented in this manuscript
  • Pay attention to the singular or the pleural form of the word author based on the number of authors for the article

Instructions: if none, put down None. Otherwise, copy text from the Word document. The author in charge of the funding source (the PI) should be indicated:
  • For example: NIH R01 (Dr. xxx)

  • If one author, state xxx is the sole contributor to the article
  • If two authors or more, and contribution is not available, state Not available
  • Otherwise, copy text from the Word document to indicate the contribution of each author

Script for article link: [[Link]]({target="_blank"}

  • Copy and paste the references from the Word document and edit the tabbing/spacing.
    • Play with spacing to get rid of extra spaces
    • Always double space at the end of each reference and hit enter once
    • Do not need to click enter twice, just once, because we do not need an empty line between each reference
  • If the weblink or the DOI of the reference is provided, use the script at the top
    • Copy and paste the script and add the DOI number after the '.org/':
    • [[Link]](htpps://{target=”_blank”}

  • Choose an article type
  • Checkmark or uncheck Peer Reviewed
  • Input the corresponding volume, issue, pages, month and year
  • Total main text sections and total figure/table number are preset – do not change
  • Click download HTML file to see the end result
  • When finished, click save to database

Download database .csv file